Wystawa „Jedno z #17milionów marzeń…” cały czas w podróży

Od 28 lutego 2018 można oglądać w Galerii Kawiarnia w Łódzkim Domu Kultury w Łodzi naszą fotograficzną wystawę „Jedno z #17milionów marzeń…”




PIT 2017



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about foundation...

We are bringing back the joy of life to children. We help parents in their daily struggles.

Foundation for children "Kolorowy Świat" is a public-benefit, nonprofit organization. This is the best equipped nationwide institution working on behalf of children with cerebral palsy.

Our foundation was established in 2003 as we believe that cerebral palsy is not a sentence. We are the only one organization in Lodz region and one of a few in Poland offering professional help for children suffering from cerebral palsy.

In the Foundation "Kolorowy Świat" we have been helping children suffering from cerebral palsy for several years. We take care of proper development and education of kids by providing them with rehabilitation and running free kindergarten and school. To provide children with the best care we employ a lot of specialists, including speech therapists, psychologists and physiotherapists.