Wystawa „Jedno z #17milionów marzeń…” cały czas w podróży

Od 28 lutego 2018 można oglądać w Galerii Kawiarnia w Łódzkim Domu Kultury w Łodzi naszą fotograficzną wystawę „Jedno z #17milionów marzeń…”




PIT 2017



KRS 0000161880


Foundation "Kolorowy Świat" runs a kindergarten and school – educational facilities for children with special development needs.

Our goal is to prepare disabled children, by including them in the comprehensive program supporting the physical, emotional and intellectual development, to live in society as independently as possible. Our daily work focuses on multidisciplinary and comprehensive therapeutic interactions. Our kindergarten and school provide children with professional care, rehabilitation, speech therapy, psychological and educational assistance.

The prior method applied in our work with children is Conductive Rehabilitation (Pető Method). It gives children opportunity to master a teaching program, activities of self-service (eating, dressing, toilet), independent movement and communication skills - verbal and nonverbal. Each classroom is equipped with special furniture dedicated to the Pető Method. Its spoke design enables the child to learn to walk, catch, change the position and maintain activities during lessons.

We are strongly interested in developing a teaching program based on this method. If you use the Pető Metthod and you are interested in cooperation, please contact us.