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Payable rehabilitation

Payable rehabilitation services

The Colorful World Foundation is a team of  dozens of top specialists with years of experience working with children, proven therapeutic methods and state-of-the-art equipment to support rehabilitation. For 20 years we have been engaged in comprehensive rehabilitation of children and adolescents of all ages. We focus on the highest quality of our services, while providing a friendly atmosphere and interesting activities that guarantee maximum involvement of our young patients. Such an approach allows us to achieve very good results of work and noticeable progress in the implementation of the planned therapeutic program.
Dear Parents! If you are looking for a therapy ideally suited to your child's needs and abilities, you have come to the right place. At our center, we ask, diagnose, set goals and select effective forms of therapy to achieve them. We will be happy to learn about your child's needs during a consultation meeting and help him/her achieve the next steps on the road to independence by carrying out the planned activities with our therapists.


See you at Colorful :)
For registration for paid rehabilitation services and additional information on participation in classes, please call: 517 466 200 and email:

Available forms of therapy:

Available 2-week therapeutic treatment courses:


Participants of the camp from outside the Łódź agglomeration are offered accommodation in one of two apartments:
For information about availability and detailed conditions of renting our apartments, please contact us by phone - 517 466 200

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