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Birthday fundraising

Foundrising on Facebook, or how to do something great on your birthday!

Is this your first Facebook fundraising? We have a short instruction for you:

  • Log in to the Facebook page
  • On the left side bar there is an option "Fundraising" - select it
  • Facebook redirects you to another page where you should select the "Collect money" option. Then the name of the Colorful World Foundation should be given
  • After selecting our Foundation, further boxes will appear to fill in, in which you should specify the amount you want to collect and how long your fundraising should last.
  • After filling in the required fields, click "Next". A field will appear where you can write why it is worth helping our Foundation
  • After clicking "Next" again, a window with a photo selection for the event will appear. You can leave the proposed photo or choose a different one.
  • After selecting the photo, all you need to do is press "Done", and the collection in the form of an event will automatically appear on your profile on Facebook
It's child's play - THANK YOU!

What will we use your donations for?

Thanks to your generosity and great hearts, we have created the only and at the same time the most modern gait analysis laboratory in the Lodz Province. We have equipped classrooms with modern touch screens and equipment supporting communication with speechless children. We could also buy the latest educational games that make the classes at the Colorful School and the Colorful Kindergarten enjoyable, and the kids are happy to come to the next lessons. For instance: Marcel loves a multimedia projector, thanks to which he trains his perceptiveness and learns the meaning of subsequent words.

We also turn the funds into invaluable hours of rehabilitation for children of all ages - from the youngest premature babies to teenagers. Good example: thanks to these classes, Janek, who could not even stand before, took his first steps on crutches. He is still exercising to go for a walk with his parents one day.

Colorful World Foundation

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Telephone contact:
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