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About our Foundation

Colorful World Foundation

The Colorful World Foundation has been serving in Łódź since 2003. Since then, we provide solicitude and specialist care to children of all ages. Our youngest pupils are preterm infants, several weeks old, who have just left the hospital.

We endeavor to guarantee that our patients receive the best and most effective care in our facilities. We aid children suffering from conjugated Cerebral Palsy, SMA, autism with various genetic syndromes (including Down syndrome) and struggling with multiple disabilities.

The Colorful World’s Foundation Activities

Otulinka Center for premature babies

We acknowledge that children of all ages require help and assistance from rehabilitators. Thinking about premature babies and newborns at risk of developmental disorders, we have designed an innovative program called Otulinka, which we have been implementing in our center since 2017. We want to provide children with the opportunity to begin rehabilitation as briefly as possible. We also comprehend how essential it is to be able to sustain the continuation of medical care.

Every year, over 100 premature babies undergo more than 900 hours of free, dedicated therapy, which allows the development possibilities and prevents the deterioration of the conditions of our patients. The support of Otulinka also applies to parents of premature babies. Otulinka provides them with much-needed psychological assistance and instructs them how to look after a premature baby at home.

Colorful Kindergaden, Colorful School

Older children are invited to the Colorful Kindergarten, where we use the concept of ​​Guided Learning. It assumes that the child is an inseparable physical, emotional and intellectual whole. Consequentially, a program realized in our facility satisfies all these spheres of development. In our kindergarten, children are undergoing professional rehabilitation, speech therapy, psychological and pedagogical care. Being under the supervision of specialized staff and in the presence of a peer group helps with strengthening the newly acquired skills.
We offer a Colorful School for kids from 7 years of age. The level of teaching that is offered is being tailored to the individual's abilities. We organize small classes (up to 4 people) because they allow for individual treatment of everyone. Thanks to the daily support of teachers, children who would experience problems in a public school may choose to follow a program similar to that of their peers.
An uncommon characteristic of the Colorful School is that apart from educational activities, our students are exposed to a daily portion of speech therapy, psychological therapy, and physical rehabilitation. Thanks to this, in addition to teaching by the core curriculum, we provide our pupils principally with professionals and comprehensive therapeutic care. It helps them to obtain the highest achievable independence in everyday life.

Early Development Support and Daily Rehabilitation

On a monthly basis, numerous dozens of children attend the Foundation's Early Development Support classes. EDM aims to stimulate the psychomotor and social development of a kid from the first months of life to the school years. The classes hold a therapeutic purpose. Additionally, they decrease the risk of developmental setbacks and are extremely helpful in diagnosing disorders and determining the course of the child's further development. For example, thanks to these activities, Małgosia, and her parents could work on advancing her pronunciation. An additional benefit was the fact that the bashful girl also grew self-confidence.

In terms of numbers, the most numerous unit of the Foundation is the Daily Rehabilitation Unit. It offers multidisciplinary and extensive rehabilitation to children at risk of abnormal psychomotor development. It bears looking after toddlers who struggle with developmental age disorders. Each month, approximately 250 young patients use Daily Rehabilitation at Colorful World. For instance, Tomek, Kamil, and Klaudia accompany each other throughout the classes every week. Collectively with their therapists, they strive to improve posture and fitness. They attend regular kindergartens on a regularly. They like our classes and are pleased to exercise.


Foundation’s employees and infrastructure

We aspire to provide children with the most effective care, so we have equipped our center with technologically advanced rehabilitation equipment, such as a technoscientific gait analysis laboratory or a room for encountering the world. Children and therapists have at their disposal dedicated interactive games, touch-sensitive monitors, and toys that stimulate cognitive improvement. All aforementioned, however, would be nothing if it were not for the constant efforts of incredible people. We work with specialists with proven competencies, who continually advance their qualifications for the interest of children. Rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, neurological therapists, educators, and psychologists - this team ensures that children receive the best possible results for themselves!


Projects and integration

Integration is a remarkably important goal for us. We want kids to become equal members of local communities in the prospect. For this purpose, we induct many diverse events, such as our charity run "Give a five to a kid", in which several hundred participants engage, including children and adults, also the ones with disabilities. In October, for several years, we have been running the National Social Campaign #17 million. It aims to raise awareness of the daily difficulties of people suffering from cerebral palsy in our community.
We are the organizer of a series of annual international scientific conferences, throughout which we share our expertise about Cerebral Palsy and early development support methods.

Thank you for your help!

The functioning of the Foundation
would not be possible
without commitment and good hearts
of many people, institutions and companies
The functioning of the Foundation would not be feasible without engagement and kind hearts of many people, private institutions and companies. Their help doesn't only base on materialistic support. The time that the employees spend volunteering is also extremely important. Playing, strolling together, or assisting with a meal makes children feel acknowledged to an even broader group of people.

Colorful World Foundation

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