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Free rehabilitation (NFZ)

Rehabilitation for children with developmental defects and genetic syndromes financed by Polish National Health Fund (NFZ)

Free rehabilitation for children at the Colorful World Foundation

A child with a disability is a huge challenge for the parents. They want to give him the best possible start, prepare to be independent, or relieve the pain he is experiencing. The help of a physiotherapist, speech therapist and psychologist turns out to be invaluable. However, it is often costly to use it regularly. The NZOZ Colorful Center financed by National Health Fund (NFZ) offers free rehabilitation for children at risk of abnormal psychomotor development and other developmental age disorders.

If the pediatrician has diagnosed that your child is at risk of any of these health complications, we invite you to the Day Rehabilitation Department. We will support your baby in their recovery process by conducting comprehensive and multi-specialist therapy.

Your child's first step

and the loud word "I love"

- we will work on it!

The Colorful Center we offers help in the field of neurologopedics, psychology, clinical psychology, rehabilitation, neurology and special education.

As part of the contract signed with the National Health Fund (NFZ), we provide all services completely free of charge. All we need is your commitment and time. In return, we offer our professionalism and, above all, a great deal of care and love.

What is the Colorful Center like?

Free rehabilitation for children in the Colorful Center covers not only exercises, but also the possibility of consulting the best specialists in their fields, including:
  • rehabilitation doctors;
  • speech therapists and neurologopedists;
  • clinical psychologists;
  • special educators with experience in methods of rehabilitating children with impaired psychomotor development and methods of supporting the family;
  • physiotherapists authorized to conduct therapy using NDT Bobath, PNF and Sensory Integration methods.
We are waiting for your child in modernly equipped rooms for physiotherapy, NDT Bobath therapy, Sensory Integration, as well as speech therapy and psychologist's rooms. We have also prepared dedicated games and toys that stimulate development, the latest computer programs for working with children, computers with touch screens and communicators enabling communication for children who are speechless. All this to make the long rehabilitation process as pleasant as possible for children. Four-year-old Kuba likes the most colorful, transparent blocks that he plays with on the illuminated board.

Thanks to them, he willingly performs exercises supporting grasping, and also develops his speech by describing the objects he sees. In addition, these blocks stimulate his eyesight, which is focused on one object for a long time.
Ola, who turned 6 this year, loves multimedia games in which she uses a touch screen. She not only learns the possibilities of technology, but also learns what the opposites are, what elements belong to the indicated sets and counts. Without the game, all of these tasks would seem boring to her and she would not be so eager to do them.

What kind of children can benefit from our help?

We invite children suffering from:
  • pervasive developmental disorders and other behavioral and emotional disorders;
  • cerebral palsy (MPD);
  • toxic encephalopathy and other brain disorders;
  • birth defects of the nervous system;
  • cerebral hernia;
  • spina bifida;
  • Down syndrome;
  • muscle wasting and primary muscle disorders;
  • specific disorders of speech and language development.

The registration of the Colorful Center is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

For more information, please call: +42 640 67 05 or write via e-mail:

Colorful World Foundation

10/12 Żabia st.
91-457 Lodz

Telephone contact:
+48 42 6406705

+48 42 6406706

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