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Become a volunteer

What is volunteering?

What does a volunteer do?

Volunteering is voluntary and unpaid work to improve the life of the society. Sounds very scientific, right? In fact, volunteering is a great thing! It is your help, concern and support for those who need it most. Volunteering is also a feeling that you have done something good for the world, for others and even for yourself.
Imagine a group of ten toddlers who need to be looked after, fed and organized for interesting activities - a trip, a performance or art work. Hands full of work, right? And at the Colorful World Foundation, every week we serve several hundred such a little ones. From time to time, you have to paint their kindergarten rooms, clean the garden or organize a charity event.

Volunteering is a great responsibility
and even greater joy!
We want to share this joy with you. You can help in different ways:
  • support us in organizing foundation events such as: "Give a five to a kid" charity run, the #17 million campaign or the Family Picnic
  • help with organizing the office during promotional campaigns
  • create a database of donors, make contact with them, invite them to cooperate
  • support the renovation of the our centre, donate materials or your work
  • come and just play with the little ones.

Employee volunteering

Employee volunteering is a modern form of corporate social responsibility - an ideal solution for companies that would like to strengthen the bond between employees. Well-coordinated team is the basis of an efficient company. Employees have a chance to prove themselves in a new situation. They will be able to use their knowledge later at work. An additional benefit is the fact that they see each other in non-professional roles, and thus get to know each other on a private level.
Employee volunteering activitity strengthen the feeling of belonging to the team
They also build a positive image of the company. Become our volunteer together with other employees from your company!

Student volunteering

Make the best use of the few hours between classes. Spend some time with the children from the Colorful World Foundation: build towers from blocks, play football, draw or sing together. You will gain valuable experience and even more precious little friends.


We invite people who love children and derive real pleasure from working with them for the internship. In our Foundation, we attach great importance to a friendly and warm atmosphere, because it favors the development of our little ones. Therefore, if a child's smile is your highest value, we invite you to our Colorful World.


We offer apprenticeships at our Foundation. Our team consists of the best specialists: doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists and educators. Each of them will be happy to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Write to us, call us or drop in for a coffee :)

Contact: +42 640 67 05.

Colorful World Foundation

10/12 Żabia st.
91-457 Lodz

Telephone contact:
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