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Clothes to donate

Choose our aim in the happiness of helping - collect unwanted clothes and just hand the boxes to the courier!

We often don't know what to do with clothes we no longer wear.

It's a shame to get rid of something that someone else might need!

We have a solution - give your clothes to https: //www.ubraniadooddania and thus help children.

But how does it work?

We clean in the closet, choose the clothes in good condition (clean and undamaged) and pack them in a carton box. Then we choose the action in the Kolorowy Świat Foundation ( , order a courier for a convenient date and deliver the parcel.

1 kg of clothing is 1 PLN for children. Everything is completely free!

There are many advantages: you can help children and at the same time get rid of unnecessary clothes. At once, the items donated in this promotion are redistributed to those who really need them.

So, we won three times! You can donate all items of women's, men's and children's wardrobe, as well as shoes, bags and jewelry.

We invite you to take part in this action!

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KRS 0000161880