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Direct debit

How can you help children by direct debit?

Why is long-term assistance so important? How will you help the Foundation's charges in this way?

Constant help is extremely important to our Foundation. It allows us to plan expenses and estimate financial possibilities in the coming months. Thanks to your regular donation, we can provide other premature babies with specialized rehabilitation and medical care that will reduce the risk of permanent disability. We will also manage to finance the purchase of modern devices supporting the rehabilitation of children.

Thanks to your support, even more children
will be able to participate
in gait therapy in our gait analysis laboratory!

The most modern methods of rehabilitation will enable them to move independently. Imagine what Tom (5 y.o.) felt when he was able to stand for the first time. How happy was Maciek (4 y.o.) when he took the first independent step in his life? Think how many emotions accompanied Ania and Agata's twins (9 y.o.) when they managed, without anyone's help, to run forward. Make the next kids feel the same. You have the power!

How have we used your contributions so far?

Thanks to your generosity and great hearts, we have created the most modern gait analysis laboratory in the Łódź Province. We have equipped classrooms with modern touch screens and equipment supporting communication with speechless children. We could also buy the latest educational games that make the classes at the Colorful School and the Colorful Kindergarten enjoyable, and the kids are happy to come to the next lessons. Marcel (10 y.o.) loves a multimedia projector, thanks to which he trains his perceptiveness and learns the meaning of subsequent words.

We also turn the funds into invaluable hours of rehabilitation for children of all ages - from the youngest premature babies to teenagers.

Thanks to these classes, Janek (8 y.o.), who could not even stand before, took his first steps on crutches!

He keeps exercising hoping he will go for a walk with his parents soon.

What is the simplest form of long-term help?

Direct debit is a simple, fast, but above all safe form of supporting the activities of the Colorful World Foundation. It is based on submitting a special bank instruction in which you declare the monthly amount of support for our pupils. You can place such an order online, using electronic banking, or traditionally, at a branch of your bank. You remain in full control of this process all the time. Remember that you can withdraw a direct debit at any time.

How to reduce your tax liability?

In Polish tax system, natural person beeing our Donor have an option of deducting the donation from yearly income tax. Enter the amount of your donation in your annual tax declaration and keep the payment receipt. Total amount of deductions cannot exceed 6% of your income in the tax year.

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