KRS 0000161880

Your help for premature babies

KRS: 0000161880

1,5 percent of your tax liability to save premature babies in Otulinka

Who to donate 1,5 percent of tax?
Premature babies from the Otulinka center!

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We are a public benefit organization, so each of you can give us your 1,5 percent of tax. This year, as well as in previous years, we use all the funds obtained from the collection of 1,5% of the tax to finance the operation of the Otulinka facility for premature babies. Thanks to these funds, we can provide free, specialized care to the smallest patients in need.

Why donate 1,5 percent of tax to premature babies?

Did you know that already one in 10 babies is born prematurely? They say "they are in a hurry to enter the world", but it is not their choice. If they could make the decision on their own, they would surely wait in their mother's safe belly until they were strong enough to be born.
However, the reality is different ... Their lungs are not ready to oxygenate the blood, and their hearts are often too weak to work evenly. As a consequence, respiratory failure may occur that requires the baby beeing put into the incubator, wrapped in tubes and connected to heart rate and breathing monitoring equipment.
The eyes cannot see properly, and because of frequent retinopathy, they may never see. Life will deny them the sight of a smiling mother, flowers, light ...
30,000 premature babies
are born every year in Poland

DONATE THEM 1,5%KRS 0000161880

Without specialized help, they have no chance of survival. So small a body, so many battles to fight. The most important ones - for life and health. This was the case with Staś. 960 g of life had to face an unequal struggle with adversities. 137 days in incubator, 2 serious respiratory infections, partial blindness in left eye. But did it beat him? No! Staś continues to fight!
The sooner appropriate rehabilitation is started, the greater the chance of eliminating or reducing the effects of premature birth. He can't wait. Neither do the other children!

Each of them has a chance to be a great artist, scientist, athlete, politician, designer and, above all, a good person. But they need the help we adults owe them.

Maybe you don't think this applies to you. That your children are of legal age or that you are not a doctor and do not know how to help. However, look differently on the situation. A premature baby can be your grandson, nephew, child of a longtime friend or neighbor. It doesn't matter. All children are equally important. A medical education is also not needed. All you have to do is donate your 1,5% of tax to the Otulinka Center.

What will we achieve thanks to your contributions? How will you help premature babies?

Every year more and more premature babies are born. Their rehabilitation needs are enormous. Your 1,5% of tax will make it possible for children and their parents to benefit from the free assistance provided by Otulinka. This will allow them to maintain the continuity of hospital treatment and will give them time to arrange all the necessary formalities related to the next stages of the baby's treatment. More than half of the babies beeing treated in Otulnika are born before 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Wcześniaki w chwili urodzenia często
ważą mniej niż kilogram

PODARUJ IM 1,5%KRS 0000161880

For seven years, we provided free medical and therapeutic care to 723 such crumbs. They were all at risk of developmental disorders. We paid for nearly 8430 hours of benefits, including medical consultations, speech therapy, physiotherapy and psychological classes. All this to maximize their chances of health.

All premature babies we look after benefit from our support for 4 months. During this time, we also help parents. We show how to carefully and, above all, properly take care of your children.

It will be their good start into the future - and every athlete knows that a good start is half the battle!


How to indicate a foundation in e-PIT?

The PIT form will automatically indicate the organization whose 1,5 percent of tax was transferred to a year earlier. Of course, you can make any change you want. This is done as follows:

  • go to the website and log into the Your e-PIT service
  • provide the data required in the form (PESEL or NIP and date of birth; the amount of income from the declaration for 2021 and the amount of income for 2022)
  • if you use a trusted profile, you can use it alternately when logging in
  • after logging in, on the main screen of the program, you will see the KRS number of the organization, which is currently indicated as the recipient of 1,5 percent of the tax. You can finish submitting the application if you want.
If you wish to donate 1,5 percent of your income tax to the Colorful World Foundation, please indicate the National Court Register number in the form:


Attention! In the form on the website, in the field selected organization - do not enter the word KRS, but only a number consisting of ten digits.

What are the other way of indicating our Foundation in your tax settlement?

We encourage you to use he program for safe settlement of annual tax liabilities - PIT 2023, which will guide you step by step through the process of submitting a tax declaration or you may also do it online.
You can also use a more traditional method, i.e. the help of a professional accountant who will settle your tax on their own. Ask her to enter our KRS in the appropriate place!

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KRS 0000161880